Discrete multi-period portfolio optimisation on quantum-annealer

"”Solving the Optimal Trading Trajectory Problem Using a Quantum Annealer"

Published by Gili Rosenberg, Poya Haghnegahdar, Phil Goddard, Peter Carr, Kesheng Wu, Marcos López de Prado (1Qbit, University of British Columbia, NYU, Lawrence Berkeley NL, Guggenheim Partners), 11th August 2016

Quantum annealing
Discrete multi-period portfolio optimisation on quantum-annealer

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Mean-variance portfolio optimization problems are traditionally solved as continuous-variable problems. However, for assets that can only be traded in large lots, or for asset managers who are constrained to trading large blocks of assets, solving the continuous problem yields an approximation. The discrete problem, is expected to provide better results, but is non-convex due to the fragmented nature of the domain, and is therefore much harder to solve. In this paper, Rosenberg et al. attempt to solve a discrete multi-period portfolio optimisation problem using D-Wave Systems' quantum annealer. They derive a formulation of the problem, discuss several possible integer encoding schemes, and present numerical examples that show high success rates. They also present insight into how results may be improved using suitable software enhancements, and why current quantum annealing technology limits the size of problem that can be successfully solved today. The formulation presented is specifically designed to be scalable, with the expectation that as quantum annealing technology improves, larger problems will be solvable using the same techniques.