Elucidating reaction mechanisms on quantum computers

"”Elucidating Reaction Mechanisms on Quantum Computers"

Published by Markus Reiher, Nathan Wiebe, Krysta M Svore, Dave Wecker, Matthias Troyer (ETH Zürich, Microsoft), 24th May 2017

Quantum chemistry
FTQC algorithms
Elucidating reaction mechanisms on quantum computers

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

At its core, the detailed understanding and prediction of complex chemical reaction mechanisms, requires highly accurate electronic structure methods. For molecules with many energetically close-lying orbitals, much less than a hundred strongly correlated electrons are already out of reach for classical calculation methods that could achieve the required accuracy. In this paper, Reiher et al. using as an example the open problem of biological nitrogen fixation in nitrogenase, to show how quantum computers can augment classical computer simulations used to probe these reaction mechanisms, to significantly increase their accuracy and enable hitherto intractable simulations. They demonstrate that quantum computers will be able to tackle important problems in chemistry without requiring exorbitant resources (in this case as little as 111 qubits and 1.0x10^14 T gates)