Boson-Sampling no lead contender for 'quantum supremacy'

"”No imminent quantum supremacy by boson sampling"

Published by Alex Neville, Chris Sparrow, Raphaël Clifford, Eric Johnston, Patrick M. Birchall, Ashley Montanaro, Anthony Laing (University of Bristol, Imperial College London), 1st May 2017

Quantum hardware
Boson-Sampling no lead contender for 'quantum supremacy'

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Boson sampling is a rudimentary quantum algorithm tailored to the platform of photons in linear optics. Prior to this paper by Neville et al, it was believed that Boson-sampling was a good candidate to be the first to experimentally show quantum supremacy. However, Neville et al. show that this would require a technological step change, reaching photon numbers of over 50 and ultra-low loss interferometers with thousands of modes. It is therefore highly unlikely that Boson-sampling experiments will win the 'quantum supremacy race' currently believed to be led by semiconductor-qubit platforms.