Impact of quantum on high-performance computing

"”On the impact of quantum computing technology on future developments in high-performance scientific computing"

Published by Matthias Möller, Cornelis Vuik (Delft University), 21st May 2017

Technology survey
Impact of quantum on high-performance computing

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

In this article, Matthias Möller and Cornelis Vuik of the Institute of Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology describe their vision of future developments in scientific computing that would be enabled by the advent of software-programmable quantum computers. In their analysis they assume that quantum computers will form part of a hybrid accelerated computing platform like GPUs and co-processor cards do today. In particular, they address the potential of quantum algorithms to bring major breakthroughs in applied mathematics and its applications. Finally, the authors give several examples that demonstrate the possible impact of quantum-accelerated scientific computing on society.