Optimisation on gate model quantum computers

"”Combinatorial Optimization on Gate Model Quantum Computers: A Survey"

Published by Ehsan Zahedinejad, Arman Zaribafiyan (1Qbit, Univ. of British Columbia), 16th August 2017

NISQ algorithms
Optimisation on gate model quantum computers

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

In recent years many academics and corporates have focus on solving combinatorial optimization problems on quantum-annealing devices like those offered by D-Wave. Now that noisy intermediate scale (NISQ) gate-based quantum-processers (like those of Google, IBM, Rigetti and Intel) are nearing the moment of quantum-supremacy, it is interesting to learn what gate-based quantum-computers can bring to combinatorial optimization problems. In this work, In this paper, Zahedinejad et al. provide a survey of the approaches to solving different types of combinatorial optimization problems, in particular quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problems on a gate model quantum computer. They focus on four different approaches including digitizing the adiabatic quantum computing, global quantum optimization algorithms, the quantum algorithms that approximate the ground state of a general QUBO problem, and quantum sampling.