OpenFermion: electronic structure package for QC

"”OpenFermion: The Electronic Structure Package for Quantum Computers"

Published by Jarrod R. McClean, Kevin J. Sung, Ian D. Kivlichan, Yudong Cao, Chengyu Dai, E. Schuyler Fried, Craig Gidney, Brendan Gimby, Pranav Gokhale, Thomas Häner, Tarini Hardikar, Vojtěch Havlíček, Oscar Higgott, Cupjin Huang, Josh Izaac, Zhang Jiang, Xinle Liu, Sam McArdle, Matthew Neeley, Thomas O'Brien, Bryan O'Gorman, Isil Ozfidan, Maxwell D. Radin, Jhonathan Romero, Nicholas Rubin, Nicolas P. D. Sawaya, Kanav Setia, Sukin Sim, Damian S. Steiger, Mark Steudtner, Qiming Sun, Wei Sun, Daochen Wang, Fang Zhang, Ryan Babbush (Google, Univ. of Michigan, Harvard Univ., Rigetti Computing, Univ. of Chicago, ETH Zurich, Dartmouth College, Oxford Univ., Univ. College London, Xanadu, NASA Ames RC, Univ. Leiden, UCSB, D-Wave Systems, QuTech, Caltech), 20th October 2017

Quantum chemistry
OpenFermion: electronic structure package for QC

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Quantum Computational Chemistry is one of the most promising applications for both near-term and large scale fault-tolerant quantum-computers. In this paper, McClean et al. present Open Fermion (, an open-source software library written largely in Python, aimed at enabling the simulation of fermionic models and quantum chemistry problems on quantum hardware. Without such a library, developing and studying algorithms for these problems is be difficult due to the prohibitive amount of domain knowledge required in both the area of chemistry and quantum algorithms. Beginning with an interface to common electronic structure packages, it simplifies the translation between a molecular specification and a quantum circuit for solving or studying the electronic structure problem on a quantum computer, minimizing the amount of domain expertise required to enter the field.