Quantum-enhanced reinforced learning

"”Exponential improvements for quantum-accessible reinforcement learning"

Published by Vedran Dunjko, Yi-Kai Liu, Xingyao Wu, Jacob M. Taylor (Leiden University, Max-Planck-Institut, University of Maryland, National Institute of Standards and Technology, University of Tokyo), 11th December 2017

Machine learning
Quantum-enhanced reinforced learning

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

For (un-)supervised learning, with applications in data-mining, prediction and classification, already quite a few quantum algorithms have been developed showing potential for (super-) polynomial speed-ups. Less is known about the benefits quantum can bring to reinforcement learning (RL), which has applications in a.o. AI and autonomous driving. In RL  a learning-agent perceives (aspects of) the states of a task environment, and influences subsequent states by performing actions. Certain state-action-state transitions are rewarding, and successful learning agents learn optimal behavior. In this paper, Dunjko et al. construct quantum-enhanced reinforcement-learners, which learn super-polynomially, and even exponentially faster than any classical reinforcement learning model.