Quantum annealing for prime factoring

"”Design of Quantum Annealing Machine for Prime Factoring"

Published by M. Maezawa, K. Imafuku, M. Hidaka, H. Koike, S. Kawabata (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Tsukub), 14th December 2017

Quantum annealing
Quantum annealing for prime factoring

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Quantum annealers can be used to solve optimization and sampling problems. However,  they can also solve certain combinational logic problems on the basis of an Ising-model implementation of Boolean logic. In this paper, Maezawa et al. propose a prime factoring machine operated in a frame work of quantum annealing (QA). The idea is inverse operation of a quantum-mechanically reversible multiplier implemented with QA-based Boolean logic circuits. They discuss their plan toward a practical-scale factoring machine from concept to technology.