Quantum chemistry on IBM QX5 and Rigetti 19Q

"”Cloud Quantum Computing of an Atomic Nucleus"

Published by E. F. Dumitrescu, A. J. McCaskey, G. Hagen, G. R. Jansen, T. D. Morris, T. Papenbrock, R. C. Pooser, D. J. Dean, P. Lougovski (Oak Ridge NL, Univ. of Tennessee), 11th January 2018

Quantum chemistry
NISQ algorithms
Quantum chemistry on IBM QX5 and Rigetti 19Q

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Quantum computers promise to reduce the computational complexity of simulating quantum many-body systems from exponential to polynomial. Much effort is being put in reducing the complexity of the necessary algorithms, to allow them to be run on noisy intermediate scale quantum computers. In this paper, Dumitrescu et al. report a quantum simulation of the deuteron binding energy on 2 such small-scale noisy cloud accessible quantum processors (the IBM QX5 and Rigetti 19Q).