Shielding through non-Markovian 'memory effects'

"”Non-Markovianity-assisted high-fidelity Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm in diamond"

Published by Yang Dong, Yu Zheng, Shen Li, Cong-Cong Li, Xiang-Dong Chen, Guang-Can Guo, Fang-Wen Sun (University of Science and Technology of China), 13th January 2018

Quantum theory
Shielding through non-Markovian 'memory effects'

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Usually, the interaction of an open quantum system with a noisy environment causes an irreversible loss of quantum coherence, which can be described by the Born-Markov approximation. Contrary, a non-Markovian environment (e.g. strong system-environment coupling) shows a pronounced 'memory effect', which can be used to revive quantum coherence as an alternative from shielding the environment. In this paper, Dong et al. show experimental results for such a non-Markovianity-assisted high-fidelity implementation of a quantum algorithm.