Optimisation on D-Wave 2X quantum annealer

"”Efficient Combinatorial Optimization Using Quantum Annealing"

Published by Hristo N. Djidjev, Guillaume Chapuis, Georg Hahn, Guillaume Rizk (Los Alamos NL, Imperial College, INRIA), 26th January 2018

Quantum annealing
Optimisation on D-Wave 2X quantum annealer

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

In this paper, Djidjev et al. evaluate the performance of the D-Wave 2X quantum annealer on two NP-hard graph problems: clique finding and graph partitioning. Overall, they conclude that general problems which allow to be mapped onto the D-Wave architecture are typically still too small to show a quantum speedup (although the D-wave does provide similar quality solutions as the classical solvers). For simple simulated annealing algorithms, D-Wave is considerably faster and selected instances especially designed to fit D-Wave's particular chimera architecture can be solved orders of magnitude faster than with classical techniques.