Valleytronic qubits in TMDC material

"Valley qubit in gated MoS2 monolayer quantum dot"

Published by J. Pawłowski, D. Żebrowski, S. Bednarek (Wroc􏰀law University, AGH University), 30th January 2018

Quantum hardware
Valleytronic qubits in TMDC material

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers (TMDC) are atomic-thin two-dimensional materials in which electrostatic quantum dots (QD) can be created. The electrons or holes confined in these QD have not only a spin degree of freedom, but also a valley degree of freedom. This additional degree of freedom can be used to encode a qubit creating a new field of electronics called valleytronics. In this paper Pawlowski et al. show how to create a QD in a MoS2 monolayer material and how to perform the NOT operation on its valley degree of freedom.