Hyper- and hybrid entanglement

"Hyper- and hybrid nonlocality "

Published by Yanna Li, Manuel Gessner, Weidong Li, Augusto Smerzi (Shanxi University, QSTAR), 6th February 2018

Quantum theory
Hyper- and hybrid entanglement

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Usually quantum information is encoded into a single, well-controlled degree of freedom, such as a spin. In some cases, however, establishing so called hyper-entanglement among several degrees-of-freedom (e.g. photon path, polarization and angular momentum), can be beneficial, e.g. improve the capacity of dense coding in linear optics.  In this paper, Li et al. propose a scheme that allows to combine both (single degree-of-freedom) entanglement and hyper-entanglement. Specifically, they show how two identical, initially separated particles can become spin-entangled, momenta-entangled and spin-and-momenta-hyper-entangled.