100+ trapped-ions cryogenic architecture

"Cryogenic Trapped-Ion System for Large Scale Quantum Simulation"

Published by G. Pagano, P.W. Hess, H. B. Kaplan, W. L. Tan, P. Richerme, P. Becker, A. Kyprianidis, J. Zhang, E. Birckelbaw, M. R. Hernandez, Y. Wu, C. Monroe (Univ. of Maryland, Middlebury College, Indiana Univ., Univ. of Michigan, IonQ), 9th February 2018

Quantum hardware
100+ trapped-ions cryogenic architecture

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Atomic ions can be trapped by electric fields in ultra-high vacuum and then laser-cooled to extremely low temperatures. The internal states of such a trapped ion can be used to encode a qubit. Such qubit systems have very long coherence times and their internal states can be precisely manipulated using lasers, and measured efficiently. Current, room temperature, systems are limited to 50 ions to to collisions with background gas. At cryogenic temperatures (4K) , most of the residual background gas is trapped enabling further scale-up of ion-trap systems. In this paper, Pagano et al. present experimental results from a trapped ion system with such cryogenic-pumping, which enables them to trap over 100 ions in a linear configuration for hours, paving the way for future quantum simulation of spin models that are intractable with classical computer modelling.