Quantum chemistry on a trapped-ion quantum simulator

"Quantum chemistry calculations on a trapped-ion quantum simulator"

Published by Cornelius Hempel, Christine Maier, Jonathan Romero, Jarrod McClean, Thomas Monz, Heng Shen, Petar Jurcevic, Ben Lanyon, Peter Love, Ryan Babbush, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Rainer Blatt, Christian Roos (ÖAW Austria, Universität Innsbruck, Harvard University, Google, University of Sydney, Tufts University), 27th March 2018

Quantum chemistry
NISQ algorithms
Quantum chemistry on a trapped-ion quantum simulator

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Efficient quantum simulations of classically intractable instances of the associated electronic structure problem promise breakthroughs in our understanding of basic chemistry and could revolutionize research into new materials, pharmaceuticals, and industrial catalysts. In Quantum Computational Chemistry solutions, the Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) algorithm offers a hybrid classical-quantum, and thus low quantum circuit depth, alternative to the Phase Estimation algorithm used to measure the ground-state energy of a molecular Hamiltonian. In this paper, Hempel et al. use a digital quantum simulator based on trapped ions to experimentally investigate the VQE algorithm for the calculation of molecular ground state energies of two simple molecules  (H2 and LiH) and experimentally demonstrate and compare different encoding methods using up to four qubits.