Quantum computational simulations of H2O

"Quantum computing methods for electronic states of the water molecule"

Published by Teng Bian, Daniel Murphy, Rongxin Xia, Ammar Daskin, Sabre Kais (Purdue University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Istanbul Medeniyet University), 15th April 2018

Quantum chemistry
NISQ algorithms
Quantum computational simulations of H2O

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

In this paper Bian et al. compare four different quantum simulation methods to simulate the ground state energy of the Hamiltonian for the water molecule on a quantum computer, being 1) the phase estimation algorithm based on Trotter decomposition, 2) phase estimation based on the direct implementation of the Hamiltonian, 3) direct measurement based on the implementation of the Hamiltonian and 4) the variational quantum eigensolver (classical-quantum hybrid) algorithm. They compare a.o. the required number of qubits, gate-complexity, accuracy/error.