Individual error correction for VQE type chemistry simulation

"Accounting for Errors in Quantum Algorithms via Individual Error Reduction"

Published by Matthew Otten, Stephen Gray (Argonne National Laboratory), 19th April 2018

Error correction
Quantum chemistry
Individual error correction for VQE type chemistry simulation

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Recently, promising experimental results have been shown for quantum-chemistry calculations using small, noisy quantum processors. As full scale fault-tolerant error correction is still many years away, near-term quantum computers will have a limited number of qubits, and each qubit will be noisy. Methods that reduce noise and correct errors without doing full error correction on every qubit will help extend the range of interesting problems that can be solved in the near-term. In this paper Otten et al. present a scheme for accounting (and removal) of errors in observables determined from quantum algorithms and apply this scheme to the variational quantum eigensolver algorithm, simulating the calculation of the ground state energy of equilibrium H2 and LiH in the presence of several noise sources, including amplitude damping, dephasing, thermal noise, and correlated noise. They show that their scheme provides a decrease in the needed quality of the qubits by up to two orders of magnitude.