Quantum chemistry on quantum annealers

"Quantum chemistry on quantum annealers"

Published by Scott N. Genin, Ilya G. Ryabinkin, Artur F. Izmaylov (OTI Lumionics, Univ. Toronto), 14th January 2019

Quantum annealing
Quantum chemistry
Quantum chemistry on quantum annealers

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

Thus far, quantum chemistry quantum algorithms have been experimentally demonstrated only on gate-based quantum computers. Efforts have been made to also map the chemistry problem Fermionic Hamiltonian to an Ising Hamiltonian in order to solve it on a quantum annealer.  However, the number of qubits required still scales exponentially with the problem size (the number of orbitals considered in the electronic structure problem). As an alternative, this paper presents a different approach exploiting the efficiency at which quantum annealers can solve discrete optimization problems, and mapping a qubit coupled cluster method to this form. They simulate their method on an ideal Ising machine and on a D-Wave 2000Q system, and find promising success rates for smaller molecules. However, further investigation would be necessary to investigate the usability for larger or more complex systems, as the scaling of their folding technique with the number of local minima is unknown. In addition, it is unclear from the experimental data whether the limitations of the D-Wave system  as compared to a perfect Ising machine could hinder expected performance gains for more complex systems.