Quantum optimization for linear algebra problems

"Quantum approximate optimization for hard problems in linear algebra"

Published by Ajinkya Borle, Vincent E. Elfving, Samuel J. Lomonaco (UMBC, Qu&Co), 27th June 2020

Linear Algebra
NISQ algorithms
Quantum optimization for linear algebra problems

Qu&Co comments on this publication:

One hallmark problem in computational linear algebra is the binary linear least squares (BLLS), which is formally in the NP-Hard complexity class. Efficient classical methods for solving this problem exists with limited approximations to the solution. Quantum computing may solve these problems with a better approximation ratio and/or in a faster runtime scaling. So-far, this problem has only been considered on a quantum annealing by mapping it to a QUBO. In this paper, the problem is solved using a QAOA approach on the gate-based model of quantum computing. The performance is assessed both on a wavefunction simulator, shotnoise simulator and on the 5-qubit IBM cloud computing quantum device ibmq_london. As an outlook: BLLS may serve as a building block for other problems such as Non-negative Binary Matrix Factorization, or clubbed together for a fixed-point approximation of real variables. This paper was partially supervised by Vincent Elfving from Qu & Co.