NVIDIA GTC 2022: Pasqal showcases how its collaboration with NVIDIA has accelerated the emulation of quantum processors with GPUs

Published by Henrique Silvério, 22nd March 2022

NVIDIA GTC 2022: Pasqal showcases how its collaboration with NVIDIA has accelerated the emulation of quantum processors with GPUs

On March 22nd, the second day of NVIDIA GTC 2022, Loic Henriet, CTO of Pasqal, will illustrate the complementarity of classical computing and quantum computing. 

Being the most awaited technology event of the year, NVIDIA GTC 2022 mixes together thousands of researchers, thought leaders, and decision-makers to showcase the latest developments in AI, data science and High Performance Computing. 

Pasqal has announced in December 2021 its collaboration with NVIDIA. Pasqal leads the quantum computing space in Europe thanks to its developments in Neutral atom-based quantum processors.  

A cluster of 10 DGX nodes, each equipped with 8 NVIDIA A100 GPUs, has been deployed to emulate Pasqal’s quantum processors. Additionally Pasqal’s developers have leveraged NVIDIA cuQuantum software development kit to accelerate quantum circuit emulations. More on NVIDIA’s vision of hybrid computing and how Pasqal supports cuQuantum here.  

At NVIDIA GTC 2022, Loic will share the latest developments with highly promising results on solving quantum differential equations. Solving differential equations is a powerful way to raise interest, as they are often used to describe complex physical phenomena in Nature. 

During his presentation, Loic will explain why we need powerful classical computing power to be able to emulate a quantum system, understand its dynamics, for development purposes in order to improve its performance. Loic will also introduce a new quantum algorithm developed by Pasqal and inspired by Machine Learning approaches, called Differentiable Quantum Circuits (DQC). Pasqal is working closely with BMW, LG and Airbus illustrating how DQC is applied on material deformation problems, multiphysics simulation or flight simulation.  

Loic will conclude his talk by presenting unprecedented results showcasing DQC in the aim of solving differential equations with quantum circuits run on the NVIDIA A100 GPU cluster.  

About Pasqal

Pasqal builds quantum computers from ordered neutral atoms in 2D and 3D arrays with the goal of bringing a practical quantum advantage to its customers in addressing real-world problems, especially in quantum simulation and optimization. Pasqal was founded in 2019 by Georges-Olivier Reymond, Christophe Jurczak, Professor Dr. Alain Aspect, Dr. Antoine Browaeys and Dr. Thierry Lahaye. Based in Palaiseau and Massy, south of Paris, Pasqal has secured more than €40 million in financing combining equity and non-dilutive funding from Quantonation, the Defense Innovation Fund, Runa Capital, BPI France, ENI and Daphni. 

Twitter: @pasqalio