Pasqal at the Assemblée Nationale

Published by Henrique Silvério, 20th October 2021

Pasqal at the Assemblée Nationale

Pasqal was present at the Assemblée Nationale (National Assembly) on October 13, 2021. The deputy of the 10th district of Essone, Pierre-Alain Raphan, invited Pasqal to the evening “SpaceTech2030: How can Spacetech design the France of 2030?”.

Alongside many actors of the deeptech ecosystem (Venture Orbital Systems, Starburst, CNRS, Quandela, ShareMySpace, Cailabs, Prométhée NewSpace), the companies mobilized to remind that Deeptech is an engine for the industry of tomorrow.

Pasqal’s ambition is to use quantum computing to fight global warming and the company is already working on these topics in the framework of its parternship with EDF.

Pasqal was delighted to share this moment with the actors present and invested!