PASQAL Receives the Start Up of the Year 2021 Award from Usine Nouvelle

Published by Henrique Silvério, 4th November 2021

PASQAL Receives the Start Up of the Year 2021 Award from Usine Nouvelle

`PASQAL received Usine Nouvelle’s Start Up of the Year 2021 prize, during the Assises de L’Industrie event, in Paris, which focused on the theme “Rebuilding the French Industry”.

“We are very honored and pleased to be the winner of the Usine Nouvelle Start Up of the Year award. This prize rewards the work of PASQAL’s 40 employees and highlights the quantum ecosystem which has all the weapons to be the flagship of tomorrow’s French industry” Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO of Pasqal.

Rebuilding French industry is, since its creation in 2019, at the heart of PASQAL’s mission. A spin-off of the Institut d’Optique Graduate School and the CNRS, PASQAL ensures the transition from internationally renowned academic knowledge to industrialization. It is PASQAL’s ambition to make France shine by becoming the world leader in quantum computing.

PASQAL develops quantum computers that work thanks to the technology of neutral atoms. This technology has many advantages over competing technologies: low-energy consumption, operation at room temperature, easy scaling up (only technology with more than 100 Qubits and first industrial solution with 1000 Qubits by 2023) and easy implementation in high-performance computing centers.

This award of Start Up of the Year 2021 from Usine Nouvelle crowns a pivotal year for PASQAL. In 2021, PASQAL accelerated its growth with a €25 million Series A fundraising and created 30 jobs, reaching 40 employees by the end of 2021.  PASQAL’s customer-focused offering across the entire value chain solves complex, real-world problems that are unsolvable for traditional IT. This approach has already enabled PASQAL to respond to concrete use cases: in the fight against global warming with EDF or in the optimization of risk management with Crédit Agricole and Multiverse computing. The numerous use cases developed by PASQAL open the door to applications, for example, in the fields of carbon capture, energy network management or sustainable mobility. PASQAL has also developed internationally, within the framework of the European HPCQS consortium (Franco-German with GENCI) and in Italy with the CINECA high performance computing center. At the same time, the public authorities have confirmed their support for the quantum ecosystem with the announcement of the national quantum plan in January 2021.

PASQAL will continue to innovate, develop and to offer new services in 2022, notably with the inauguration of its Cloud service for commercial use in the first half of 2022. This service will provide a new level of scale for the industrialization of quantum technologies.