PASQAL releases the first zero-code development platform for neutral atoms quantum computers, the Pulser Studio

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Spyros Goudelis


January 6, 2023

Paris, January 5, 2022 PASQAL, a leader in full stack quantum computing, is pleased to announce the release of Pulser Studio, the first no-code development platform for neutral atoms quantum computers.

Thanks to its scalability potential, neutral atoms quantum computing is one of the most promising technologies and aims to achieve fault tolerance. PASQAL has previously developed Pulser, an open-source Python framework for designing and simulating pulse sequences that act on programmable arrays of neutral atoms. Pulser Studio, enables users to graphically build quantum registers and design pulse sequences without coding knowledge. These registers and pulse sequences can be executed on quantum processors. The platform allows the creation of novel insights into quantum computing and neutral atoms using an original user experience. Pulser Studio includes a built-in emulator that will simulate sequences for small systems directly in the browser.

Pulser Studio is already open and free to corporate and academic users who can sign up for the beta release. Users will be able to get acquainted with the technology and explore neutral atoms quantum computing using the integrated emulator. Over the next year, PASQAL will deploy regular updates to Pulser Studio and integrate it with real quantum processors through its cloud platform.

For more information, visit the Pulser Studio page, or Product features post, and the Pulser Studio portal.


PASQAL builds quantum computers from ordered neutral atoms in 2D and 3D arrays to bring a practical quantum advantage to its customers and address real-world problems. PASQAL was founded in 2019 by Georges-Olivier Reymond, Christophe Jurczak, Professor Dr. Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize Laureate Physics, 2022, Dr. Antoine Browaeys, and Dr. Thierry Lahaye. PASQAL has secured more than €40 million in financing, combining equity and non-dilutive funding. PASQAL has 100+ employees and has offices in France, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Canada, and the US.