Q1 2022 Wrap-Up

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April 11, 2022

What an exciting first 2022 quarter for PASQAL!  

The year has started with the merger of PASQAL with Qu&Co, building as a result a global leader in neutral atoms quantum computing. Having a full stack solution and a large portfolio of industry relevant quantum applications is accelerating the path toward near quantum advantage.  

Reactions from industry were extremely positive. PASQAL has then announced partnerships with Thales Group and Aramco. The goal is to develop  use cases leveraging the potential of PASQAL’s quantum processors and algorithms in the energy field, in critical systems’ optimization and in quantum-based machine learning. It is mandatory for industry leaders to assess how neutral atoms quantum computing will help them to overcome limits of classical computing.  

To expand the availability of PASQAL’s solutions, we also announced an agreement with Microsoft to soon provide cloud access to Neutral atoms quantum processors on Azure Quantum. Another significant step to reinforce the international development of PASQAL.

In addition, our teams represented the company’s expertise at international events like NVIDIA GTC 2022 and EuroHPC 2022. It showed hybrid computing infrastructures and next-gen HPC technology are recurring interests from companies we are collaborating with. Our CEO also participated in Scale up Europe, recalling the mutual and strategic interest of public authorities to support quantum computing.

All in our brand-new premises. PASQAL inaugurated its first quantum processing unit factory.

We can’t wait to embrace Q2 challenges and opportunities!