Quantum Discovery: the first platform for enterprises to uncover the benefits of neutral atoms quantum computing

Published by

Alexandra De Castro


March 22, 2023

Quantum technology is evolving as the next generation of computing and is set to solve complex problems that are impossible to address with classical computers. Industry leaders across the globe including BMW, LG, Siemens and BASF have started preparing for the moment when quantum computers outperform traditional super computers. It is critical that enterprises embrace this new and emerging technology to gain strategic advantages.     

Even for teams with extensive experience with technology transformation, quantum computing can be intimidating. This operational and strategic shift is more fundamental than moving from on-prem to a cloud architecture. Corporate leaders need a new tool in their workforce development toolbox to prepare teams for this transition.   

To help enterprises start this workforce transformation, PASQAL today announced the release of Quantum Discovery. Teams can use this cloud-based platform to build quantum computing understanding, experience a quantum processor in action, and identify use cases relevant to their businesses. It is the first of its kind for neutral atoms quantum computing.    

Business and technology leaders can use this platform to master the core concepts of quantum computing and understand how this technology can increase competitive advantage. Individuals can work independently at their own pace and collaborate with colleagues within this user-friendly platform as well.    

In addition to covering the core principles of quantum computing, the platform also explains the mechanics and advantages of neutral atoms architecture. According to a news article published in Nature, neutral atoms quantum processors are one of the most “promising computational platforms” to reach early quantum advantage. This technology consists of controlling neutral atoms inside a vacuum chamber with highly intense and fine-tuned lasers. Neutral atoms quantum processors  demonstrated “record-breaking scalability” with the ability to control over 300 qubits last year and have already surpassed classical computers in some scientific areas, such as investigating collective behavior in materials.     

Quantum Discovery: a group experience in three modules

Designed for a team experience, Quantum Discovery includes access to PASQAL quantum processor emulators and our 100-Qubit Quantum Processing Unit, allowing teams to control 100 real-life qubits. This plan is built to accommodate any number of users within a company. All participants will be able to interact with their colleagues and see each other’s activities in this 'social' environment.   

  The package comprises three core modules.  

Module 1: Onboard yourself in quantum

This module consists of a series of tutorials that cover the general principles of quantum computing, explain how PASQAL's hardware works, and what PASQAL’s algorithms can do and includes a virtual reality tour of the quantum processor in action.

Module 2: Interact with quantum computing

Here is when the hands-on experience of our hardware starts. Users can run algorithms on a hundred-qubit quantum processor and on our emulators. Jupyter notebooks take users step-by-step through PASQAL’s quantum algorithms with pre-coded examples. After completing the pre-coded content, users can tweak the parameters to test the impact on the results and runtime.    

Module 3: Identify and prioritize use cases

Leveraging the knowledge from modules 1 and 2 and/or any prior knowledge, module 3 guides users through a set of questions tailored to identify the unique use cases for any business. Once users have completed the questionnaire, our experts will review it for pre-validation and share their feedback on whether the use case is suitable for application on our hardware, using our algorithms.

Through Quantum Discovery’s group environment, individual users can view the use cases submitted by colleagues. Once sufficient use cases have been pre-validated, we will organize a workshop to select the best ones. After this, PASQAL offers dedicated services to either build a proof-of-concept or design a collaborative roadmap towards quantum advantage based on those use cases.  

Adopting quantum

Quantum Discovery is the first level of our Quantum Adoption Plan, our proposition packages for companies to unlock the potential of their business. Following Quantum Discovery, corporate teams have the option to develop and implement code, tackling industry-relevant use cases in our cloud.

Quantum Discovery will be launched April 17th under limited release. Pre-register now to gain early access for your organization at and start preparing for the quantum era.