Roadmap to Quantum Readiness

with a Full-Stack Approach & Transformative Use Cases

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Defining Quantum Reality

Pasqal is a quantum scale-up that strives to bring practical quantum advantage to customers across the globe to address real-world problems. Embark on a transformative adventure with Pasqal, unveiling our latest roadmap, meticulously crafted to redefine industry standards and unlock boundless possibilities. we're building a global network of pioneers and leaders, fostering collaboration that transcends boundaries and sparks quantum revolutions across industries.

  • Discover the near-term development and potential of quantum computing
  • Learn how to make the right decisions toward implementing quantum today.
  • Get to know Pasqal and several of its transformative use cases, spanning from high-level algorithms to hardware implementations.

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Our Speakers

Reymond, Pasqal's CEO

Georges-Olivier REYMOND


Georges, Pasqal's CEO, holds a PhD in Quantum Physics, pioneering single-atom control with optical tweezers. With 14 years' industry experience, he co-founded Pasqal in 2019, propelled by the vision to build revolutionary quantum processors using neutral atoms technology.

HENRIET, Co-CEO at Pasqal



Loïc Henriet, Co-CEO at Pasqal, guides divisions and the tech roadmap. With a master's from École normale supérieure and Polytechnique, and a PhD in quantum physics, his focus lies in quantum many-body systems. He previously studied collective quantum effects at ICFO, essential to Pasqal's technology.

Panagiotis BARKOUSTOS, Pasqal's SVP of Quantum Algorithms


SVP - Quantum Algorithms & Use Cases

Dr. Panagiotis Barkoutsos, Pasqal's SVP of Quantum Algorithms, leads the department since January 2024. With a PhD from ETH Zurich, his expertise in quantum computing spans over 40 publications. He drives Pasqal's strategy for relevant algorithms and applications with Pasqal QPUs.