Quantum Enabled Business

The rise of Quantum-enabled technologies convinced industry leaders to take on the roles of early adopters, driven by the promise of how Quantum Advantage can tackle their most pressing business challenges.

Pasqal’s neutral atoms quantum processors offer the most realistic chance at a near-term Quantum advantage.

In the last few months we've been working on a new scalable approach to bring our clients closer to their business objectives. Our new Quantum offering will be revealed soon.

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About Our Quantum Offering



It starts with familiarizing our clients’ teams with our technology. Ensuring the information is easily absorbed using a hands-on approach.


Test & Ideation

Finding out what critical problems we can tackle in the short-term while testing quantum algorithms on a Quantum Processor.


In-house Quantum-enabled R&D

Jointly developing new algorithms with our client’s Research & Development to address previously identified Use Cases.


Quantum Scaling

Starting by Implementing Quantum algorithms known as “solvers” run on our Quantum Processors, then making them accessible through an API.

The ultimate milestone is to grant access to the solutions across multiple business units, enabling the expansion of in-house Quantum applications.

Curious on Real-World
Quantum Applications?

Reach out to us to onboard the quantum wave, or retrieve our press kit. Our team will get in touch with you soon on your requests.

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