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PASQAL Cloud Services

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PASQAL Cloud Services is our cloud-based quantum computing platform. You can have direct access to our full stack neutral atoms quantum computers and accelerate the development of complex business projects.

Our QPUs are programmable using Pulser, an open-source framework for neutral atoms developed. Pulser gives pulse-level control over the QPUs, allowing users to define their quantum registers with arbitrary geometries and control the evolution of the system with a sequence of laser pulses.

Our Cloud Services are already accessible through our private cloud at OVHcloud. please contact us for more information and to obtain access.

PASQAL Cloud Services
On premise

your private quantum computer

For enterprises with a high volume of computations or not allowed to leverage cloud services, we can install our neutral atoms quantum computers in their data centers.

On-premise infrastructure or private cloud delivers control and autonomy, while still benefiting from PASQAL support. Our quantum processing units can operate at room temperature with consumption below 10kW, allowing us to set up entire systems in record time and without structural change on the data centers.

On premise
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