Delivering tangible
results today

Delivering tangible
results today

Enabled by Nobel Prize-winning technology and full stack approach

Quantum computing,
real and relevant today

Quantum advantage is expected in real applications by 2024


Leading companies
are adopting quantum today

PASQAL neutral atoms quantum computers solve industry relevant use cases

Crédit Agricole CIB

"Quantum computing is radically different from almost everything we know and use today, in terms of theory, hardware and algorithms. This project will assemble many different competencies around the table: bankers, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, IT architects, all cooperating to this remarkable journey. This is a huge challenge, and we are confident to make it a success, jointly with our talented partners PASQAL and Multiverse Computing.”

Ali El Hamidi

Department Head Capital Markets Funding - Global Markets Division

The best hardware to
drive quantum advantage

Superior Scalability

Our technology enables us to control neutral atoms with optical tweezers and engineer full-stack processors with high connectivity and scalability. We currently operate on 300+ qubits and remain on the path for 1000 qubits.

Analog & Digital

PASQAL embraces the dual analog/digital nature of quantum computing, with promise for quantum advantage in the very near-term.


Our quantum computers are available on the cloud, already demonstrating their value in industry-relevant use cases for a wide range of customers.

Pulser Studio

The no-code approach of Pulser studio allows engineers and scientists to easily learn about quantum algorithms on neutral atoms and explore their potential. Define in a couple of clicks, your quantum registers and design the pulses to apply to the array of atoms. You can even run light simulations on your web browser.

The quantum plan
to accelerate your business

1Quantum Discovery
Identify the use cases relevant to your business and gain tangible experience with quantum computing

[Sign up]( for the Quantum Discovery and explore the potential of quantum computing. Experience a QPU in action, learn how to run algorithms on it, and how to apply them to your business.

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