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Real world applications with quantum advantage.
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Risk Management

Accurate forecasting of events through real-world models is essential for risk management, yet almost impossible for now. Quantum computing can be highly efficient in simulating those events and expressing their impact.


Battery Design

Atomistic and continuum modeling are crucial to improving battery development. However, they require complex simulations at massively different scales. This is often intractable for classical computers.


Weather Forecasting

With climate change, extreme weather patterns are on the rise. This makes faster weather prediction increasingly pressing for our society and businesses. Quantum computing can help monitor weather changes and mitigate their effects.


Quantum Materials

Quantum computing can enable experts to identify families of materials whose core properties can be apprehended only through the lenses of quantum behavior and quantum physics.


Grid Power Management

Quantum computers will help us avoid energy power system failures, as they can perform fast diagnosis on large grid systems thanks to quantum machine learning algorithms.


Logistic Optimization

Quantum algorithms are highly efficient methods to optimize optimal paths in dynamic environments depending on a wide range of criteria.

Leaders Are Already Trusting Us

Leading companies are adopting quantum today to solve relevant use cases.

The best hardware to drive quantum advantage


Superior Scalability

Superior Scalability

Our technology enables us to control neutral atoms with optical tweezers and engineer full-stack processors with high connectivity and scalability. We currently operate on 300+ qubits and remain on the path for 1000 qubits.


Analog & Digital

Analog & Digital

PASQAL embraces the dual analog/digital nature of quantum computing, with promise for quantum advantage in the




Our quantum computers are available on the cloud, already demonstrating their value in industry-relevant use cases for a wide range of customers.

Pulser Studio

Pulser studio's no-code approach allows engineers and scientists to easily learn about neutral atoms and explore their potential.

In a couple of clicks, define your quantum registers and design pulses to apply to the array of atoms. Run light simulations directly on your web browser.

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The quantum plan
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Identify the use cases relevant to your business and gain tangible experience with quantum computing

Sign up for the Quantum Discovery and explore the potential of quantum computing. Experience a QPU in action, learn how to run algorithms on it, and how to apply them to your business.

Develop your proof-of-concept quantum code and demonstrate it on a QPU

Develop your quantum computational code with the support of our experienced quantum programmers, and smoothly test your first proof-of-concept on a quantum processor.

Develop a bespoke quantum solution for your most valuable business application, aiming for quantum advantage within the next few years

Together we will formulate your roadmap toward quantum advantage, which will be executed by a multidisciplinary team with domain experts from both sides, experienced quantum developers, and quantum hardware engineers.

Empower your business with our API-accessible quantum solutions

Leverage the power of quantum computing directly in your business through API accessible cloud-based solutions.

Quantum computing in your core IT infrastructure

Unlock the next generation of computing potential in your corporation by inserting multiple quantum applications into your workflow.