European infrastructure to make Rydberg atoms the leading quantum computing technology

Published by

Alexandra De Castro


November 10, 2022

Paris, November 11, 2022 PASQAL is proud to announce its participation in the European infrastructure for Rydberg quantum computing project (EuRyQa) recently launched by the European Commission. Funded under the Horizon programme (HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-30), the project aims to develop reliable and robust quantum processors based on Rydberg atoms as the leading technology for scalable quantum computing in Europe.  

Platforms based on cold atoms, excited to Rydberg states, have been flourishing for years leading to outstanding scientific results. This success positions these platforms as the most promising candidates for disruptive quantum technologies.  

At PASQAL, we develop state-of-the-art, fully programable quantum processing units based on arrays of hundreds of neutral Rydberg atoms. To prevent atoms from colliding within those arrays, our scientists use lasers to immobilize them and place them far from each other. However, for quantum computations to take place, the neutral atoms should be able to interact with each other, which is achieved by exciting them to the so-called Rydberg energy level.    

“Arrays of Rydberg atoms have already demonstrated their great potential for analog quantum computing. We are delighted to participate in this project aiming at developing the capabilities of the platform for digital gates and towards error correction,” said Loïc Henriet, Head of Quantum Software and Applications at PASQAL.  

Coordinated by the University of Strasbourg in France, the EuRyQa project gathers eleven partners from seven countries, including PASQAL in France, the University of Stuttgart, the spin-off Qruise GmbH from the Research Centre Jülich and the consultancy EURICE GmbH in Germany, the University of Amsterdam and the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the research institute Idryma Technologias Kai Erevnas in Greece, Associacao Portuguese Quantum Institute in Portugal, Università degli Studi di Padova in Italy, and Quantum Machines in Israel.  

These outstanding academic institutions and companies will collaborate to provide a European solution for a full-stack scalable Rydberg quantum computer within the next three years, enabling the development of fault-tolerant neutral-atom-based quantum computers within ten years.  

PASQAL team is deeply honored to be part of this crucial multinational collaboration contributing to positioning Europe at the forefront of the quantum era.


PASQAL builds quantum computers from ordered neutral atoms in 2D and 3D arrays to bring a practical quantum advantage to its customers and address real-world problems. PASQAL was founded in 2019 by Georges-Olivier Reymond, Christophe Jurczak, Professor Dr. Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize Laureate Physics, 2022, Dr. Antoine Browaeys, and Dr. Thierry Lahaye. PASQAL has secured more than €40 million in financing, combining equity and non-dilutive funding, combining equity and non-dilutive funding from Quantonation, the Defense Innovation Fund, Runa Capital, BPI France, ENI, and Daphni. PASQAL has 100+ employees and has offices in France, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Canada and the US.