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Press release 12/06/2023
Kipu Quantum signs research collaboration deal with Pasqal to Optimize Quantum Algorithms
Press release 22/03/2023
Pasqal launches first Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing exploration platform 
Press release 23/01/2023
Pasqal raises €100 Million Series B funding to advance Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing
Press release 28/11/2022
Pasqal and University of Chicago announce Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing Research collaboration agreement
Press release 17/11/2022
Eni and Pasqal together to develop Quantum Solutions for the Energy Sector
Press release 15/11/2022
EDF, Exaion Inc., Pasqal and the Quantum Innovation Zone Bring High-Performance Computing and Quantum Technologies to the Forefront of Energy Solutions
Press release 10/11/2022
European infrastructure to make Rydberg atoms the leading quantum computing technology
Press release 27/09/2022
Pasqal appoints CEO for Canada to lead its North-American facility
Press release 21/09/2022
Île-de-France Quantum Pack: the Île-de-France region and its partners in aeronautics, space, defense explore the potential of quantum computing
Press release 14/09/2022
Pasqal unveils a new quantum processor architecture with a record 324 atoms
Press release 20/07/2022
BASF Collaborates with Pasqal to predict Weather Patterns
Press release 10/06/2022
Professor Alain Aspect, co-founder of Pasqal, receives the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022
Press release 02/06/2022
Quantum Computer Manufacturer Pasqal strengthens position in North American market by opening offices in the US and Canada
Press release 30/05/2022
With two 100 qubits quantum computers from Pasqal, FZJ and GENCI boost HPCQS, the pan-European hybrid HPC/quantum infrastructure
Press release 12/05/2022
CentraleSupélec and Pasqal, a partnership at the heart of quantum computing to further accelerate the future of quantum technology


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