& Finance

Analyze complex datasets, optimize portfolios, accelerate complex financial modeling, enhance security measures, paving the way for unprecedented insights and efficiency gains.

  • Risk Management

    Accelerate risk assessment by analysing large datasets, identifying patterns, and modeling complex financial scenarios for better decision-making.

    • Quantum enhanced Monte Carlo simulations
    • Money laundering detection
    • Credit risk scoring
    • Improved Climate Risk Modeling
  • Time Series Generation

    Generate precise time series data for forecasting market trends, identifying patterns, and enhancing predictive analytics in financial modeling.

    • Generate synthetic time-series data
    • Quantum enhanced Generative Modeling
    • Macroeconomic forecasting
    • Model market instability
  • Portfolio Optimisation

    Enable optimisation of investment portfolios by considering numerous variables, constraints, and market scenarios simultaneously for maximum returns and minimised risk.

    • Optimal arbitrage cycles detection
    • Financial derivative pricing
    • Financial fraud detection
    • Implied volatility estimation