& Materials Science

Accelerate R&D, enhance process optimization, and unlock unprecedented insights, propelling innovation and efficiency in manufacturing and materials science.

  • Materials Science & Properties

    Model atomic structures and interactions, accelerating materials discovery and property prediction for innovative products.

    • Pattern recognition for visual inspection
    • Fault detection in production lines
    • Crystalline material property optimisation
    • Material wear and tear simulation
  • Process & Quality Optimisation

    Optimise manufacturing processes, ensuring higher quality, efficiency, and improve resource utilisation.

    • Integrated Circuit testing
    • Slab cooling process optimisation
    • Supply chain optimisation
    • Predictive maintenance
  • Advanced Engineering

    Facilitate complex engineering simulations, enabling faster prototyping, design optimization, and product innovation.

    • Thin Film Deposition process modeling
    • Water leak detection
    • Refined chemical vapour deposition
    • Electric arc fluctuation models