& Healthcare

Enhance optimized drug discovery, treatment plans, and personalized medicine through complex simulations and data analysis, leading to faster breakthroughs, improved outcomes and better quality of life.

  • Drug Discovery

    Accelerate molecular simulation, to enable more efficient screening of potential drug candidates and novel target identification.

    • Crystal structure prediction
    • Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) analysis
    • Enhanced Density Functional Theory for protein hydration
    • Light molecule screening
  • Therapeutic Treatments

    Improved medical research, drug development, and imaging analysis for better adapted medical plans and personalized treatments.

    • Radiotherapy optimization
    • Distinguishing biological functions
    • Simulating non-thermal Plasma for treatment
    • Retargeting therapeutic molecules
  • Pharma Tech Innovation

    Drive innovation in data analysis, genomic sequencing, and medical screening, helping mitigate risks and transform the future of healthcare management.

    • Accelerated de novo DNA sequencing
    • In silico model property prediction
    • Predicting molecular docking
    • Precision medicine