& Mobility

Optimize traffic flow, enhance vehicle routing, and accelerate innovation in autonomous vehicles. The power of quantum lies in solving complex optimization problems, paving the way for safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation systems globally.

  • Planning & Network Optimisation

    Optimise transportation routes, reduce congestion, and enhance overall network efficiency.

    • Multi-modal Fleet Operations
    • Vehicle Routing Algorithms
    • Traffic Modeling to Avoid Congestion
    • Port and Warehouse Management for Optimal Exploitation
  • Energy Transition Acceleration

    Efficient, precise, and targeted optimization and simulation, aiding in the transition to sustainable energy solutions for transportation mobility.

    • Durable battery process modeling
    • Optimal management of electric vehicle fleet
    • Low-carbon fuel discovery and screening
    • Optimized public transportation networks
  • Material Engineering

    Simulate material properties, enabling efficient discovery of lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly materials essential for advanced transportation solutions.

    • Shape optimisation for aerodynamic components
    • Simulating material aging and friction
    • Numerical modeling of material deformation
    • Airflow drag minimisation