& Utilities

Unlock unprecedented potential for optimization, resource management, and sustainable innovation. Quantum promises to revolutionize how we harness, distribute, and conserve energy, driving us toward a smarter, greener future.

  • Energy Management Systems

    Enable precise grid optimisation, demand forecasting, and smart energy distribution, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

    • Optimal operation of Energy Storage Systems
    • Automated restoration after blackout
    • Smart charging of electric vehicles
    • Aggregated electricity grid management
  • Advanced Materials Development

    Accelerate material discovery, optimising properties for batteries and fuel cells, energy conversion, and reducing carbon footprint.

    • Quantum magnetism for energy storage systems
    • Hydrogen fuel cells simulation
    • Next generation battery performance simulation
    • Metal-Organic Framework carbon affinity prediction
  • Renewable and Sustainable Innovation

    Enhance renewable energy design, sustainable storage solutions, and grid integrations, driving sustainable energy advancement.

    • Underground Carbon Storage simulation
    • Plasma modeling for nuclear fusion reactors
    • Optimised reaction pathways for new catalyst design
    • Windfarm layout optimization

Pasqal supports sustainability

With the limitations of processing capabilities of classical computers becoming evermore clear and foreseeable, quantum has the potential to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and resilient future.
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