& Defense

Innovate with unparalleled precision, optimize mission planning, engineering, and strategic decision-making for Aerospace & Defense.

  • Aerospace Engineering

    Simulate aerodynamics, enhance materials science and propulsion systems, advancing aerospace innovation.

    • OEM fluid simulation
    • Sustainable propulsion systems
    • Aerodynamics simulation for component design
    • Optimized spacecraft filling
  • Advanced Mission Planning

    Optimise mission parameters, route planning, and resource allocation for complex military operations.

    • Satellite routing and constellation management
    • Defense Intelligence and Object evasion strategies
    • Vehicle fleet management
    • Drone fleet deployment and optimisation
  • Geospatial Analysis

    Accelerate geospatial data processing, optimize analysis, surveillance, and strategic decision-making.

    • Weather Forecasting
    • Object and Pattern Recognition
    • Clustering on Satellite Data


Thales partners with Pasqal to develop new methods to address planning and scheduling challenges related to critical systems’ optimization.
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