Quantum computing has transcended the realm of theory.

It is now a viable technology with a track record of powering transformation. Advances in neutral-atom technology are now translating into tomorrow’s “everyday applications.” Businesses everywhere must harness this infinite potential to step into the next phase of their development.

Our ambition is to breakthrough the limits of computing by leading the delivery of state-of-the-art quantum computing. At Pasqal, we have built much of the foundation that allows us to guide you through this new era. Have a look at some of the case uses that make use of the power of quantum computing. Let quantum computing find concrete solutions to your real-world challenges.

From hard science to actual hardware

Pasqal is the convergence of years of innovation, research and development by some of the brightest minds in quantum computing – including a Nobel Prize in Physics laureate.

Our journey from laboratory breakthroughs to real-world solutions has completely reshaped the industry landscape. Now a mature business, Pasqal not only produces a fully functional, production-ready computer – we offer a comprehensive ecosystem and full-stack solutions that guides clients from inception to implementation and beyond.

Your journey through the quantum reality

When we say “customer,” we really mean “partner.”

Extending beyond our hardware, our commitment to excellence are the founding blocks of the Pasqal ecosystem. Our full-stack approach (from earthly machines to algorithms in the cloud) allows our customers to nurture quantum from inception to implementation. A tailored-service to foster ideas, develop skills and use quantum to implement, succeed and get one step ahead, today.

Cold atoms are so hot right now

How we turned abstract calculations and scientific lingo into tangible solutions that widen the horizon of business applications has been the essence of our work from the very beginning.

Our proprietary technology enables us to control neutral atoms with optical tweezers. We engineered everything from lasers, lenses and full-stack processors. The resulting hardware provides digital and analog computations, high connectivity, and scalability – all with less power consumption than a hair dryer.

We turn possibility into reality.

Real science, real world, real business

Built of several decades of expertise and trusted collaborations, Pasqal fosters a culture of innovation and discovery. And we’ve already tackled industry-specific challenges with customers-slash-partners all around the world. From optimization and simulation to machine learning and artificial intelligence – the challenges are as varied as the industries we attract (smart charging in Energy, portfolio optimization in Finance, and more).

If you want to know more about quantum computing, start by seeing our machines and solutions at work.

Click on to feel the potential of our tangible realizations – and see for yourself how Pasqal is defining the quantum reality.

Pasqal is already reshaping industries...

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