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Press release 26/10/2023
Pasqal will support The Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator activities related to the recently launched Open Quantum Institute
Press release 24/10/2023
Pasqal pioneering use of Quantum Computing with Japanese partner to Optimize Low-Altitude Air Traffic in Japan
Press release 17/10/2023
Pasqal announces Partnership to Develop the Foundations of a Photonic Quantum Processor Powered by Neutral Atom Technology
Blog 12/10/2023
Qadence, a user-friendly library for designing digital-analog quantum programs
Press release 11/10/2023
Pasqal unveils Qadence, a Quantum Programming Library for Digital-Analog Quantum Computing
Blog 05/10/2023
Quantum Computing to Greener Calculations
Blog 27/09/2023
Quantum Algorithm Tested on a Commercial Quantum Device Can Help Discover Drugs
Blog 27/09/2023
Leveraging Analog Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms for Solvent Configuration Prediction in Drug Discovery
Press release 26/09/2023
French start-ups Pasqal and Qubit Pharmaceuticals join with Unitary Fund to Win Wellcome Trust’s “Quantum for Bio” Program
Press release 29/06/2023
POSCO Holdings Cooperates with PASQAL and Qunova Computing to Develop Quantum Computing Technologies
Press release 21/06/2023
Pasqal will Open Quantum Computer Factory in Canada
Press release 12/06/2023
Kipu Quantum signs research collaboration deal with Pasqal to Optimize Quantum Algorithms
Blog 08/06/2023
Novel Algorithm can help design Medicines with Quantum Computing
Press release 22/03/2023
Pasqal launches first Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing exploration platform 
Blog 09/03/2023
Reducing the costs of deploying a 5G network with a hybrid classical-quantum approach


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