Towards Regenerative Quantum Computing

with proven positive sustainability impact.

Sustainable Quantum Computing Assessment

PASQAL and Blaise Pascal Advisors, along with a consortium of partners, including GENCI/HQI, FZJ, GESDA, HPCQS, EDF, and QEI, are partnering to present this first assessment to promote meaningful and sustainable uses of quantum computing. The analysis relies on clear criteria, accountable figures of life-cycle assessment of Quantum Processing Units (QPUs), and a sound comparative basis to classical computing.

The present document aims at

  • Documenting the Blaise Pascal [re]generative quantum hackathon as an avant-garde experiment to investigate the potential of sustainable quantum computing.
  • Setting reference elements for a life-cycle and use-case-based approach of sustainable quantum advantage.
  • Preparing future standards for regenerative and impactful quantum computing using neutral atoms technology.
  • Outlining later research and communication’s agenda.

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