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Industries around the globe have already started adopting the quantum approach to their operations.

PASQAL’s neutral atoms quantum processors offer you the most realistic chance at a near-term quantum advantage. Our clients invest in becoming quantum-ready, and develop concrete quantum solutions for their most valuable business problems. Their goal is to swiftly reap the benefits of these solutions the moment they become available.

Enter the quantum era by selecting our Quantum Adoption Plan and prepare your business for the next level. You can select or tailor-fit any of the modules below to unlock the potential of your business with the next generation of High Performance Computing (HPC).

Quantum Adoption Plan

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Quantum Discovery

Sign up for the Quantum Discovery and explore the potential of quantum computing. Experience a QPU in action, learn how to run algorithms on it, and how to apply them to your business.

Define with your team your quantum discovery milestones through our online environment. Practice with tutorials and interactive quantum algorithm showcases, and run these algorithms on our emulators and actual quantum processors. With the help of our quantum experts, you will identify and pre-validate the most high-value use cases for your business.

Proof of Concept 

Develop your quantum computational code with the support of our experienced quantum programmers, and smoothly test your first proof-of-concept on a quantum processor.

Knowledge transfer is key for your progress in this plan. At the end of this one-year project, you and your team will understand the relevant concepts in quantum coding, implement your own quantum code based on a scientific description, and assess the potential of quantum solutions. As your team progresses, you will also gain access to a sandbox environment where you can develop and test your own quantum code. Then you can run that code on an emulator or on a quantum computer.

Quantum Solution 

Together we will formulate your roadmap toward quantum advantage, which will be executed by a multidisciplinary team with domain experts from both sides, experienced quantum developers, and quantum hardware engineers.

Your quantum solution will be delivered as an API-accessible tool, which can be directly integrated into your existing IT architecture. The solution will run on one of our state-of-the-art quantum computers or, in the case of a quantum-ready classical solution, on a powerful emulator.

Quantum as a Service

Leverage the power of quantum computing directly in your business through API accessible cloud-based solutions.

Select and purchase the off-the-shelf solution you need for your business, accessible on the cloud via APIs or GUIs. Tackle your industry-relevant use cases through our solution packages that include our algorithms combined with the required QPU hours. In addition, you and your team will enjoy our customer and technical support for the seamless integration of your solution into your workflow and follow-on R&D.

Quantum Infra Services     

Unlock the next generation of computing potential in your corporation by inserting multiple quantum applications into your workflow.

Gain independence with our bespoke Infra Services, that offer unlimited access to a neutral atoms quantum computer on-premises or via the cloud. You will have unlimited access to our Solution Suite , including continuous updates of existing solutions or releases of new ones. Optimize your core IT infrastructure by embedding PASQAL quantum processing into your classical computing workflow. PASQAL Infra Services offers multiple quantum computational solutions for your industry-relevant use cases, including unlimited QPU hours accessible on the cloud. For those who want full independence and unlimited access to our leading neutral atoms quantum hardware, we offer the opportunity to purchase PASQAL, low-energy consumption, QPUs to install and use on-premises. This unlocks unrestricted access to the full PASQAL Solution Suite on a multi-year contract basis, which includes all current and future PASQAL solutions.

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